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Executive Aviation Solutions

Executive Aviation is a niche market with unique characteristics. We offer all-round solutions for both individuals, start-up companies and companies that are already established. With our expert independent and impartial view, all our clients can take sound decisions based on facts and figures in order to develop their short and long term strategy.

Executive Aviation Consulting

The main focus is to reduce costs while at the same time maximise revenue potential through developing initiatives and customer service strategies. We pride ourselves in capturing repeat customers by developing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our services include:


  • Business Development Consulting
    We improve an organisation’s market position and achieve financial growth. We work with the organisation to define long-term strategic goals, build key customer relationships and identify business opportunities.

  • Market Analysis
    According to the company’s needs, a market analysis is conducted, the company’s USP and market positioning are redefined according to the prevailing market trends.

  • Commercial Plan Structure and Implementation
    We work with Senior Management to develop annual commercial plans in accordance with the business plan and model. We ensure that all staff receives in-depth understanding of their business model and strategy to ensure success.

  • Staff Evaluation and Recruitment
    It is mandatory that significant attention be paid when recruiting an executive aviation team as this team needs to be loyal and successful to achieve the long-term company goals. We assist in the recruitment of individuals that compliment the business strategy and ensure that evaluations are carried out to promote consistency, procedure control, teamwork and lasting impressions to the market.

  • Exhibition and Event Management
    Exhibitions and events have to be targeted and must be planned carefully in order to be effective. We focus on the most viable exhibitions and events that are the most likely to increase sales and we determine the most cost effective solutions according to the needs of the customer.

Cabin Crew Consulting & Training

We are revolutionising cabin crew consulting by capturing the customer’s individual needs and tie them with the daily time constraints, demands and challenges of the executive aviation flight attendant job. Our complete solution offers recruitment, company policy and procedure implementation and training, in-flight training and customised cabin crew manual documentation according to each company’s needs and requirements.


All training material is developed from the customer’s viewpoint, combined with tips and know-how to assist each and every flight attendant to become professional, efficient and proactive

Aircraft Charter

Our business approach is an all round client-focused aviation consulting business. For individuals that are looking for a seamless travel solution, we offer peace of mind. Our experienced account managers are available 24/7 and they strive to respond timely and confidentially to all executive charter requirements.


With years of executive aviation experience in all aspects of the travel process our account managers are unique in supervising the charter process from booking to landing at destination and beyond. All needs are catered for at the lowest commission base in the market.


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