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Strategy & Business Development
Aeronautical & Non-Aeronautical Strategy


Through a combination of market intelligence, customer input, workshops, tailored processes and extensive aviation and marketing experience, KPI. provides strategic marketing advice and plans for both aeronautical and non-aeronautical activities. Whether planning to enter a new market, expand an existing one, or build powerful relationships with customers and prospects, KPI. can support you.


KPI. has designed and implemented holistic Airport Marketing strategies, which streamline the aeronautical, non-aeronautical and marketing strategies to ensure consistent and effective messaging, maximisation of brand equity and improved commercial results.


KPI. has significant expertise in developing:


  • Route Development and Airline Marketing Strategies
    Dynamic and effective strategies with tangible and realistic initiatives that attract new airlines, add destinations to an airport’s network, increase frequencies, and advance route development and airport awareness. KPI. assists in “airline targeting”, designing incentive/support schemes, preparing marketing & communication plans, advising on marketing tools and allocation of budgets.

  • Corporate Marketing/Branding/Communications Strategies
    Comprehensive corporate marketing strategies that build a solid company image and increase the company’s intangible value, novel brand strategies that ensure coherent brand representation throughout the organization and contribute to the airport’s ambience, and modern communications strategies that actively interact with the key target groups.

  • Passenger Marketing Strategies
    Targeted and innovative strategies that utilise the latest technologies and techniques to increase passenger penetration and spending at airports’ Retail and Food & Beverage outlets and encourage the use of the airports’ services. KPI. supports the development and implementation of cross-selling initiatives and loyalty programmes.

  • Holistic Airport and Developmental Marketing Strategies
    Integrated marketing strategies that combine aeronautical and non-aeronautical business strategies to ensure the business plan’s effectiveness from a marketing prospect and maximise the development potential.


Transformation & Innovation Action Plans


KPI. assists its clients to face one of the most demanding challenges, the management of technological innovation and information, by designing transformation strategies that deliver new services and processes, establish new units and support organisational restructure. A successful transformation strategy, that manages effectively the full range of innovative elements, information and activities of an organization, can fulfill the overall purpose – be it profit generation, growth, better quality and range of delivery or greater market share.


The KPI. team has project-managed the development of transformation and innovation action plans that resulted in service improvement, successful introduction of new technology and effective restructure of units and departments mostly at airports and airlines.


KPI’s Affiliate partner in Transformation & Innovation Action Plans is daVinci [].


da Vinci Marketing is the region's marketing consultancy that business leaders partner with for independent and trusted advice. It works with leading organisations and brands across the private, public and social sectors - using its trusted experience to build, manage and implement marketing strategies that achieve enduring results.

Aviation Business Development Projects


The strong network of KPI. gives our clients direct access to a diverse pool of aviation experts that manage business development projects in commercial, marketing, operations and IT domains. 


KPI. has selected affiliated partners, which embrace individuals and companies that have proven track records in their respective fields.  Our goal is to form the most competent team every time tailored to the client’s specific project. Our partners range from airline and airport professionals, branding whizzes, event management and advertising companies, research houses, to airport planners, scenario planning firms, operations research specialists and new technology experts.

IT-based Marketing Applications


The technologically savvy profile of passengers and the extensive use of smartphones, tablets and computers during their stay at airports offers excellent opportunities to develop mobile applications that can support the commercial and marketing objectives. KPI. and its affiliated partners deliver IT-based marketing solutions focusing mainly on the Airport-to-Consumer segment, by introducing new revenue streams or providing smart applications that support promotional activities, offer easy navigation, and improve passenger experience during the airport stay.


KPI’s Affiliate partner in IT-based Marketing Applications is WARR.


Warr is a creative mobile agency specializing in mobile application design & development. Through its projects it delivers a new and exciting way for brands to reach their audiences. By mixing creative ideas with sweet design, and state of the art development Warr purpose is to utilize the mobile channel in a unique and refreshing way (

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