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Our Approach

Over the past 15 years Airport Marketing has evolved into a key strategic instrument for certain airports around the world.  Contrary to other industries, airports have been slow in understanding the role and importance of marketing in their overall strategies. This is mostly due to the transformation of airports only in the 80s and 90s into private or self-financed businesses with commercial goals. We believe that Airport Marketing is a key source for providing vital information to airports, supporting the decision-making process across an airport company, while at the same time actively contributes to revenue generation by attracting airlines, developing new routes, increasing passenger spending, and promoting airport services. 


We have pioneered in successfully introducing holistic marketing strategies that streamline the aeronautical, non-aeronautical and corporate marketing activities, thus building a solid airport brand and achieving strong commercial results.  With an exceptional track record in Airport Marketing, the KPI. team has attracted more than 70 airlines to Athens and Abu Dhabi airports, and has won the “Routes Award for Best Airport Marketing and Route Development” six times in the last 8 years.  Initiated e-communication and social media at airports, hosted the world’s largest airport events, and promoted Corporate Social Responsibility at airports. KPI. has been designing and implementing a comprehensive range of airport market surveys focused on passengers and travel, using the results for improving passenger satisfaction and service development. 


As the aviation industry is transforming, we believe that KPI. can assist airports and airport operators, airlines and tourism organisations to make the most from the diverse applications and solutions that a well-structured marketing or business development strategy can offer.  Our approach ensures that we deliver pragmatic and measurable results, combining marketing expertise with aviation knowledge.  And we achieve this by applying the most modern techniques and working together with leaders in their respective fields. 


We look forward to helping you deliver exceptional marketing ideas.


George Karamanos

Managing Director

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