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Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence in tourism and aviation is complex and costly, and in many cases hard to find. Although there are multiple sources, they unfortunately provide mostly fragmented information. Validating and cross referencing these sources is time-consuming, expensive and many times difficult to conduct.  KPI. can assist a company to prioritise, choose and combine the most appropriate ones to provide the most comprehensive view of the market. Market Intelligence is a strategic investment for airports that supports development plans and decision-making.   


Market Research


KPI. has extensive and specialised know-how on implementing in situ market research for airports, covering a wide range of requirements, from business identification and information objectives, questionnaire design, sampling and validation, to fieldwork supervision, reporting and data interpretation.

Moreover, KPI. and its affiliated partners have developed innovative sampling software, specially designed for airports, that takes into consideration the key aviation parameters ensuring flexibility, sample representation and reliability of information, even during unforeseen events.


Understanding our clients’ need for immediate feedback, all surveys are conducted using a real-time mechanism, which allows KPI. to deliver the results in actual time, contributing on the prompt decision-making and action.


The Market Research spectrum of services includes:


  • Passenger Surveys for route development purposes, passenger profiling, buying behavior, tourism information, ground transportation attitudes,

  • Quality Monitoring for measuring the performance of services, retail and F&B,

  • Mystery Shopping for a more qualitative approach of tracking customer satisfaction,

  • Passenger Profiling and Pattern for airport planning purposes

  • KPIs for operational performance monitoring through measuring and reporting of operational elements

  • Ad hoc Surveys for special projects


KPI also works closely with research agencies as an Aviation Consultant sharing with them the expertise and know-how of airports and airlines.



Comprehensive understanding of the airline industry enables KPI. and its affiliated partners to also undertake consulting projects using the industry leading forecasting, planning and route development tools of BEONTRA (


Since 2004, BEONTRA has been developing industry-standard integrated scenario planning solutions empowering infrastructure providers and operators to:


  • continuously monitor markets and update traffic forecasts accordingly,

  • translate traffic forecasts into capacity scenarios in order to plan for required infrastructure and resources accordingly,

  • connect forecasting results to pricing scenarios covering direct (e.g. tariffs) as well as indirect revenue streams (e.g. concessions, retailing, parking) and

  • monitor and evaluate business opportunities for driving growth.

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